Welcome to Galumbeck Beauty

We believe well being is the result of looking after yourself. Improving your appearance is one step in this process. Maintaining it is another. These steps lead to an improvement in self esteem.

Drs. Cynthia and Matthew Galumbeck have integrated spa services with cosmetic plastic surgery to assist you in achieving the best results. Utilizing the latest techniques in a private state of the art facility, our knowledgeable and friendly physicians and staff can individualize a program to meet your specific goals.

By implementing one of our comprehensive programs, you can improve your inner confidence. We believe that you should start from today.

Because it's your future.

Galumbeck Plastic Surgery Virginia Beach

Cosmetic surgery is not only about a physical change but a psychological change as well. Patients get cosmetic surgery for a variety of reasons.

People undergoing cosmetic surgery are excited about the process but apprehensive as well. Are they getting procedures for the right reasons? Are the results they want achievable? Is the procedure safe? What is the competency of the physician and is he performing the entire procedure?

Dr. Matthew Galumbeck and his staff have worked with many patients with concerns and goals like yours. For each patient, an individual plan of action is created. We are here to answer your questions and to customize solutions for you.

Spa Phoenix Salon and Day Spa Virgina Beach

Discover a new path to beauty when you enter Spa Phoenix, Hampton Roads' pioneering fusion spa and salon, located in Virginia Beach.

Our identity is unique - a synthesis of doctor-directed spa protocols, the relaxation and personal pampering of classic spa treatments, and the grand finish (and convenience) provided by the hair, nail and makeup design professionals of our salon.

Skin Amnesty A plastic Surgeon's result without the surgery

Skin Amnesty™, one of the most potent skin care lines available without a prescription, was launched in 2005 by Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon Matthew Galumbeck, M.D.

The only product line to utilize effective Bioactive Modulator® blends, Skin Amnesty™ delivers ultimate results by providing a combination of anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant treatments. The fusion of modern medicine with traditional beauty routines appeals to the growing consumer demand for integrated science inspired renewal with day-to-day aesthetics management.